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A1PL A 1 Pool
ABLL Allied Billiards
ALDV Alan Davis Automatics
ALSA Rank Leisure Machine Ltd.
BBAS Bar Billiards - Ascot
BELA Bell Amusements
BLFS Bell Fruit Services Ltd.
BRUD Bob Rudd Leisure Ltd.
CLMA Claremont Automatics Ltd.
CLYC Clyde Coin
CLYL Clyde Leisure
CSVA Cosmic Video Amusements
CTPH C T Pugh Leisure
CWNL Crown Leisure
DEES Deeside Leisure
DHLS D H Leisure
DVGL D. V. G. Leisure
DWVD D. W. Vending
EDMM Edmonton Machines Ltd.
ELEC Electrocoin
FCYA Fair City Amusements
FMEH Formost Equipment Holdings
FMSL Foremost Leisure Ltd.
FRVD Frontier Vending Ltd.
ISLD Island Leisure
ISVD Island Vending
IVTM Ivor Thomas Amusements Ltd.
JESH J. E. Sheeran
KDAY Keeday Leisure
KEAU K E Automatics
KGWD Kingswood Leisure
KIDC Kiddycare
KLLA K.L. Leisure
KKLC Kirklees Coin
KSMM K. Sime Machines
KSSA Kossway Automatics
LLEE Leisure Link Elec Entertainment
MASP Masterplay Leisure
METC Metrocoin Leisure Ltd.
MRBN The Orig Mr. Bean Company Ltd.
MSHG Music Hire Group - Kunick
NSML N. S. M. Ltd
OWNW Whitbread Owned
PARK Parkinsons
PCAT P. C. Automatics
PERM Perfect Music Ltd.
PETR Petron Amusements
PFAM P & F Amusements.
PLYT Playtronics Ltd.
PRMA Premier Automatics.
RVSM R. V. Smith
SCPT Sceptre Leisure
SELS S. E. Leisure
SNDL Sound Leisure Ltd.
SVGM Sovereign Games Ltd
TANK Tankerton Automatics Ltd
TMFE Stretton Leisure
TRTT Tarrett Tables
TWNC Town and County Leisure
WEST Western Amusements Ltd
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